growing romaine lettuce in pots

After harvesting, wash your lettuce and allow to air dry. At maturity (typically 70-75 days), the leaves can reach heights of 10" or so, with a dark outer coloring and white heart lower down the head. 3. It is recommended to transplant the romaine seedlings on a cloudy day or in the night time to forestall the flora from dehydrating and to decrease transplant shock. You may want to leave a nice edge around the edge for fertilizing, watering, and mulching. Avoid damaging the crown of the plant while you harvest. You can place it on a drop cloth are in a bucket. Lettuce cannot tolerate wet roots, so be certain that your container drains well. As my grandfather taught me, “There’s as many ways of gettin’ a farm job done as there are farmers. They are growing seedlings indoors for transplanting or direct sowing. A general rule of thumb is to set transplants one every 4-6 inches. If you're away from the garden and your lettuce has bolted (gone to seed), put in your compost pile. It can tolerate some heat, but not as much as the leaf lettuce. Giving romaine lettuce plenty of room to grow results in larger heads. Lettuce does not like to germinate in soil warmer than this. The pot must have adequate drainage holes in the bottom and should be at least 6 inches deep. Growing lettuce in a container is about the size of the container, the soil, and the moisture. Romaine lettuce is a hardy plant that can tolerate light frosts and high heat, but it originated in the Mediterranean, and grows best in mild, damp climates and seasons. It’s an excellent way for anyone with limited space to grow different lettuce types. Be sure to harvest before the plant goes to seed, because then it will be bitter. Bolting causes the lettuce to become bitter tasting. Just so you know, there is a risk of cross-pollinating with wild varieties of lettuce like the dandelion, if you allow your plants to bolt. If the weather gets too warm, your lettuce might begin to bolt — meaning that it will sprout a seed stalk and its leaves will turn bitter. Butterhead – They make a loose leafy head. This is called succession planting. Lettuce cannot tolerate wet roots, so be certain that your container drains well. You’ll be watering your lettuce every day and you don’t want excess water sitting in the soil. You can stop collecting seeds when you have all you want, but pull the plants. Looseleaf – These are the easiest to grow. There are two prescribed methods for starting your lettuce. To make a soil mixture that is 20% organic matter, mix 4 containers of soil with 1 container of organic matter, like compost. It is also popularly known is Cos lettuce due to its origin in an Island called “Cos” . [1] X Research source Regular garden soil will often pack together tightly and deprive the roots of the oxygen that they need. Romaine lettuce is typically ready to harvest 60 days after planting. apart. Lettuce is a cool season crop and leaves develop best in cool but not chill temperatures. Because they have shallow roots, most lettuce varieties will grow well in long and shallow containers. Parris Island, or Cos Lettuce, is a popular variety of Romaine Lettuce, and is recommended for its crispy, flavorful leaves. Use a large flower pot at least 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep per single plant. You can start from seed or get the transplants from a garden center. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 17,170 times. Make sure your plants have adequate space. ‘Set’ AGM:A crisphead lettuce, this is easy to grow and produces large, solid hearts with crisp green leaves. When harvesting lettuce, remember to take only the amount that you need. Did you know that you can actually grow lettuce from another head of lettuce? Some seed trays come with lids, but I’ve lost mine over time. The ability to simply move your lettuce pot to control sun exposure is one of the great benefits of container gardening. LEARN MORE >>. Soaking your lettuce transplants in cold water overnight before potting them can increase the chances of their survival. Follow these super simple steps to growing lettuce indoors from scrap: Pick a healthy romaine lettuce for this experiment. For years I struggled with how and when to grow lettuce. I tend to scatter my seeds across the seed tray and brush dirt over them. Today we'll show you how to grow lettuce in pots or containers so you can enjoy lettuce no matter how big or small your space is! Ya gotta be willing to listen, help, and learn from ’em, even if it’s just to see what not to do.”  So feel free to share your tips and experience in the comments below. For growing lettuce, select wide and shallow containers. A fixed planting area prevents this mobility in moving your crop around. I have used both and had success both ways. Introduction for growing Lettuce in pots from seed. Bolting is the sudden maturing of the lettuce. Well, you can! This will allow immature leaves to grow as big as possible. Growing lettuce in containers also allows you to control weeds and pests more easily than in a large garde… Learning how to lay mulch and applying it correctly does help keep the soil evenly moist when growing lettuce in a container. Romaine lettuce stands out by its crispy, crunchy, and dark green color. It keeps for at least a week. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. For winter planting, plant when your soil temperature does not exceed 75°. Romaine – Comes in a wide variety of choices. Different lettuce types are more resistant to bolt than others. Maybe you can start your own lettuce farm and sell them to local restaurants; How do I start to grow lettuce in Pots. Instead, you’ll be growing lettuce in containers, a slightly more challenging yet more satisfactory way to grow lettuce. Check to make sure that the flower pot has holes in the bottom for drainage. If you’re looking to start grow lettuce at home, but don’t have a ton of space to do so, growing lettuce in a pot is a great option. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. How to grow romaine lettuce in containers: If you have limited space, planting romaine lettuce in a container is a great idea. 7. Container growing Lettuce is a common practice for small space gardeners such as apartment dwellers and home gardens. This method works best with Romaine lettuce. Place on a window sill or under grow lights. Also, keep the color of the pot in mind. Then you place the base of the lettuce in a small bowl of warm water. This prevents the mid-day sun from evaporating the water before it really soaks into the soil. The size of the containers should be 6 to 12 inches deep, as lettuce roots need enough space to grow. Our Rapid Establishment Irrigated Pasture Mix was designed for these goals and conditions. By using our site, you agree to our. Since the thinnings are tasty treats, this is not a problem. I have also grown cabbage in containers and it does quite well. These containers will give you the most space for growing multiple types of lettuce. The plants (not head lettuces) will continue to replace leaves you eat until bolting. Then water as needed. Be sure that your plants are shaded from long exposure to the midday sun. If they are getting enough water, try cutting back on the amount of fertilizer you use. So you begin by taking a head of romaine lettuce and cutting the end off of it. The main problem with pots is that they dry out faster, so you’ll need to be very good about keeping the pot watered. All this while letting in the light! Store in the refrigerator. You’ll see the straight stalk shoot up. It was introduced here in America by Columbus. "It gave me clear instructions to grow my own lettuce. 1. Romaine lettuce also tends to do pretty well indoors. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Whatever soil medium you choose, be certain it is loose and well worked. Safe and Happy Journey, This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 2. Add additional drainage holes to the pot if need be, as you want to be sure the roots don’t experience sogginess or rot. Place your transplant in the hole, replace the soil, and water them. Try planting in early spring or the weeks of fall before the first frost. Hot weather causes the lettuce to bolt and set seed prematurely. ‘Nymans’ AGM:A Cos lettuce with deep read outer leaves and a rich green heart. Growing lettuce in pots is an ideal way to have fresh greens at your fingertips, whether you live in a house or an apartment! Growing your lettuce in a pot also helps as this allows you to move it in a more optimal spot. You use the rest of the lettuce as you normally would. Celtuce – Makes a stem and not much leaf, like celery. Loose-leaf lettuces can be planted as close as 4 in (10 cm) apart, but larger head lettuces should be spaced around 6 in (15 cm) apart. I cover mine with painters plastic. Growing lettuce in a container is about the size of the container, the soil, and the moisture. It frees up garden space and makes growing lettuce easier. Wash used pots in hot, soapy water and rinse well. Romaine lettuce is … Although a romaine lettuce can grow in containers as small as a 4-inch pot, growth is optimum in larger containers where the soil doesn't dry as fast and there's room for root growth. Yep, they’re named by the way they look. It’s good to learn how to grow cabbage. Loose-leaf lettuce has the most variation in color and taste, so do some research on which types of loose-leaf you want to try. Your planting zone will determine if it is a spring, winter, or spring and winter crop for you. I wrap mine in a damp dish towel and place in a vegetable bag or a plastic bag. In this article, we will discuss two great ways to grow lettuce indoors. Head lettuce can take 80 to 95 days and all those days have to be cool. Plastic pots are easier to keep clean than clay pots, … By doing this every few days, the mature seeds are gathered and the immature seeds remain on the plant until they’re ready. Growing conditions: Romaine requires 65-70 days to mature from seed. So, I decided to try growing lettuce in containers. Whatever soil medium you choose, be certain it is loose and well … These are sometimes marked as 10-10-10 or 5-5-5 mixtures. My favorite of these is Oakleaf and Deer Tongue. Keep the seedbed moistened until they sprout. Maintain adequate moisture, but not wet. While you can’t prevent bolting, you can prolong your season. When stored in a cool dry place, lettuce seeds will generally remain viable for up to three years. You’ll want to place the bowl of warm water near window … Required fields are marked *. These have large firm heads. 5. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Don’t worry about being exact, just be sure they have plenty of room. You can sow your seeds 4 to 6 inches apart. Let’s get started! Be sure that your lettuce is protected from mid-morning to late evening direct sunlight. They take 70 to 85 days to mature. I don’t mulch my lettuce, but I know people who do. This method is often called the cut-and-come-again method. How to Grow Lettuce in Pots Lettuce is a cold season crop and that means it needs a cooler environment in order to grow. For three years now, we’ve enjoyed more lettuce than I could have ever imagined. wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. Leaf-type lettuce, which sprouts loose leaves instead of thick heads, is generally easier to grow and faster to mature than head-type lettuce. Remember that lettuce is mostly water so be certain that your soil is consistently moist, but not wet. I’ll take you step by step and you’ll have the perfect indoor lettuce garden in no time! Choose a pot at least 200mm and position in full sun. I like growing lettuce in containers. It matures in 40 to 45 days. They take twice as long to mature as leaf lettuce. If you’re like me, one of your favorite fall greens is cabbage. The irregular weather patterns of 2019 have resulted in some challenging planting conditions. Eat your purchased lettuce, cutting the leaves at about 1 inch from the bottom. Change water in bowl every 1 to 2 days. Growing in pots: lettuce grows well in pots. Almost all the lettuce varieties grow well in pots. Growing lettuce in containers makes it easy to weed, control disease and harvest seeds. Soak pots for at least five minutes in a mixture of 1 part household bleach to 9 parts water; rinse well and let dry. Fill with quality potting mix, such as Yates Potting Mix with Dynamic Lifter. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Loose leaf lettuce has a stronger taste and may require some adjusting to. When deciding on a pot size, think about what type and how much lettuce you want to grow. Normal flower pots can be used to grow lettuce. Lettuce. Prepare the containers by filling with new compost and water well. If the tips of your lettuce leaves start to turn brown, try giving them more water. Romaine Lettuce is such a kind. Across North America plantings are delayed by heavy rain, cool temperatures, heavy runoff and wet soil. As their shallow roots don’t need deep soil, they do best in wide and shallow containers. Specialized potting soil tends to be looser and better at retaining water than regular garden soil. Remember that lettuce is mostly water so be certain that your soil is consistently moist, but not wet. To direct sow your seed, place the seed 1/4 to 1/2 half inch deep in moistened soil and cover. Cutting them when they are in distress can damage the plant. Lettuce is a cold weather crop. Last time I just scattered a handful of seeds right through the garden; there were lettuces everywhere! Although arugula is not a true lettuce, it is becoming a pretty popular salad green. This is particularly true when you are planting romaine lettuce. Make sure whatever pot you are using to grow the lettuce has plenty of drainage. Soil blends that are 20-50% organic matter work best for potted plants, as they stop the soil from drying out quickly. Water your crops regularly. This article has been viewed 17,170 times. *However, if you’re growing lettuce in a container in a warm climate, do that in clay pots and …

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